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< About >

Hi! My name is Alexander Hudkoff, I'm a Front-End Developer, UI and Grapric Designer from Minsk, BY.

My specialization is everything about user friendly interface: from sketching and making magic .psd template, through alive and nice HTML & CSS layout, to a fully functional site construct. My interests, however, extend beyond the site development, I strongly feel harmony and style in everything. So I also help people with branding, advertisement and PR, print design etc. When I'm not designing I'm probably doing photography or trying to achieve Zen.

Give me your vision and some coffee and I'll give you awesome extraordinary idea and design that you'll love.

< Skills >

I believe that the main quality of a designer should be a keen sense of perfection and therefore continuous self-improvement. This helps to acquire almost any new skill.

Also Adobe Illustrator & Corel Draw. But my absolute love is raster graphics.

Including cross-browser support, HTML5, CSS3 and other innovations.

I use maximum of Javascript & jQuery capabilities to make pages alive and functional.

Huge experience in working with CMF ModX Evo & Revo, forums phpBB 3.x, IPB 2.x, SMF 1.x.

I wrote a lot of custom snippets for CMS and single scripts. Knowledge of PHP helps me to create the best templates, which are easy to fit developer's scripts.

It helps me to cultivate a sense of beauty and to improve my raster graphics skills. Check out my photos.

Normal? No, it's not about me.

I'm obsessed with perfect details, sometimes even too meticulous and accurate. Nothing can be perfect, I understand it... But I want to try :)

It helped our ancestors to survive. It helps me to optimise my life and to extract the maximum benefit from everything I do.

Intermediate English
I have no trouble in correspondence with foreign clients, reading original documentation and participation in discussions with English-speaking developers. Also I like watching movies in English :)

Long time ago I began to study Psychology for my own. But now it also helps me to catch people's attention with my design, to reach an understanding in communication with customers and see more effective ways of interaction.

I have been the head of Sports Club for 10 years. We have a strong and united team. I know how to organize people, establish cooperation and make my team a multiple times more successful.

Learning ability
I like to improve my knowledge. Studying something brand new is always very exciting. Need something, that is unknown to me? Challenge accepted! Give me 24 hours!

< Portfolio >

Check out some examples of my work for the last 7 years of my designer's experience.

My photography portfolio

Nice dark style, php-parsing albums from vk.com. Turn off the lights and enjoy :)

Fencing Club

Check out my cool space futuristic design. I'm supporting this project for 10 years.

Fencing club

Previous brick-style design for my Fencing Club site.

Old photography portfolio

Previous design of my photo portfolio.


Check out some examples of my pixel art: one, two, three.


"Kladavik" - advertising agency.

My NY & Birthday wishlist

Google fonts, experimenting with some css and js effects.


Another advertising agency.


Limo rent & wedding services.
Online company registration

My australian client has chosen not the best design, but I did a huge amount of work for this project.

Online company registration

One of suggested designs.

Acrobatic & Fire Theatre

Old-school geometric forms transformation. Stylish videogallery.

Online company registration

My first design for this client long time ago.

Fireshow team

Template for Fireshow team's website.

Online company registration

One of suggested designs.

Logo & branding

Vector & typography works. Creating corporate identity.

Icons & vector

Almost every of my projects needed original design elements.

< Contacts >

My awesome portfolio is still under construction, but feel free to get in touch with me now:

/// +375 29 5591549


/// http://vk.com/alegzander

/// http://facebook.com/hudkoff